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She sat down with her legs wide, and proceeded to do some yoga poses. And since its admission into the union, it has remained one.

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But the laws keeping black people out? Per the latest U. Portland itself is That must make it harder to know where the line is between amplifying a voice and becoming the voice, between ardent allyship and white saviorship, between the values of a cause and the culture of a city. But I imagine for the Portland is Portlandia. Portland is the new frontier for migrating Brooklyn hipsters.

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Portland is Bush Sr. Portland whiteness: It leans way left but stretches far right. A president who has defended white supremacists and championed white-power-esque policies sent federal agents to a notable bulwark of liberal whiteness, a place engaged in brazen support of a movement pursuing Black freedom. The footage has been straight terrifying: Agents instigating violence, abducting people into unmarked cars, providing more evidence of an administration trooping double-time toward totalitarianism.

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Can you imagine if Trump dispatches these tactics to Chicago and Albuquerque, to blacker and browner cities elsewhere? Those objectives were on my mind in mid-June when my homeboy forwarded me a clip of Portland protesters toppling a statue of Thomas Jefferson at his eponymous high school — the Oregon high school with the largest share of Black students, and where I graduated in One time for the Demos! Go figure, white men were part of the small crowd that cheered and tugged the statue on the ground and bashed it. Amen that it did to those audacious few.

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Mitchell S. His next novel John of Watts is forthcoming. He teaches creative writing at the University of Chicago.

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The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips.

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And now, the feds are there.

Women of Portland nude

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