We are two hotties

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Whether they're working on Glee or out on the town, we're glad these two hot young TV stars are bromantically involved. The key to a long-lasting friendship may be early humiliation.

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That's how it was for the Knocked Up star, who has said that high school senior and teenage romantic rival Hamm was "super handsome, really smart, and very good at sports — all of these things that I most certainly was not. It's a good thing for everyone when longtime friends like Kanye and Jay-Z forces to make records like Watch the Throne. We love it when our favorite celebs show up to support their pals! Rupert wears his heart on his chest for Tom at the premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Too adorable.

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Vince's latest flick is The Dilemmabut there's no dilemma when it comes to his friendship with Favreau. The on- and offscreen buds have been BFF since they met on the set of a flick back in From Freaks and Geeks to Knocked Up to Pineapple Expressthe actor and the director have worked on no less than 11 projects together. And Seth has said, "I couldn't say enough great things about him.

He's the reason I'm not a homeless crackhead right now. The threesome had so much fun working on the first Sherlock Holmes movie they reunited for the sequel. And the timing couldn't be better when this three-way friendship formed—Guy leaned on his pals while his marriage to Madonna fell apart.

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Whether jogging together or hitting film fest afterpartiesit just warms our hearts to see these two Star Trek hotties are as much buddies offscreen as they are in the movie. They may pretend to have a love-hate banter on American Idolbut Ryan actually called his colleague "one of the sweetest guys that you're ever going to meet.

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Music and food go together just as well as these two! When they teamed up for a Pairings event with American Express, the Top Chef judge refused to pick up his guitar yep, he plays!

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The has it that these Gossip Girl costars still share a true on- and offscreen bromantic love, even though they've moved out of their smelly apartment! Who doesn't get a kick out of these two Top Gun -caliber cuties spending QT together?

Yeah, yeah. We know Leo should be included here with any of his actual pals—like Tobey Maguire or Kevin Connolly—but we prefer the fantasy of two generations of heartthrobs hangin'.

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The Lost Boys stars found each other while making that vampire flick and formed a bond that would see them through several more movies and even a reality show. Sadly, Haim passed away in March Creative collaborations seem to be at the forefront of most of J. His William Rast clothing line copilot is no exception. Next Gallery.

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