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Divorced wife wants real sex. Ladies seeking nsa Houston Minnesota Looking for something a little naughty?

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Doctors Physical Exam m4w I have fantasy where a woman makes an appointment and comes to my office for a physical exam. Let me mention that I am not a doctor in real life but I am working professionalbut for this fantasy I play a doctor. I will ask questions to get started and ask her to lie on her back. Gentle touches to make sure all is well. I ask her to undress slowly and give more detailed physical. In the middle I turn into a demanding doctor lots of pinching and prodding involved and I will ask more things so she gets annoyed.

Then she gets punished for not listening.

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I even think about tying up and restraining a little and have my way : I am very open to suggestions. Nearly two years ago, our last encounter blondie w4m I take some comfort knowing you will never read this but I found this lodged in my files, quickly penned out of frustration. I didn't know then it would be our last encounter. I didn't know two years later, while fucking other men, I would still think of you and how our bodies fit ever so perfectly. I would still think of you as I would roll over and edge myself away from these men and cry into foreign pillows because of the pangs of grief that still haunt me.

Because of the memories of us. I spoke my peace, Swingers Personals in Calexico tried, I did it all: why do I still think of you at am? All this time later. Why am I still in love with you? I really was. That first night was great and chill and everything I needed and wanted out of our reunion. Then I went into the second romp comfortable, knowing what to expect, settled into a groove.

You threw me off my game by not trusting me in your house alone. I was pissy. Very pissy. I was pissy you wouldn't come cuddle with me during the movie and would rather be with your hookah. I was a mere spectator, an interference or mute addition to your well-set routines and a life I am not truly a part of.

This sounds familiar. Like that piece I wrote about Aaron after we were done. Like I never existed at all. Because none of it was meant for me. They were both on the rebound, both had their he and their hearts elsewhere and I was a mere distraction, that's all. Someone to refocus feelings on that they had for someone else. I got mad. Then you pissied about me being pissy about not getting off, because you suck at most shit and I was already in such a foul, hurt and neglected mood that the last thing my body probably wanted to do was respond to your touch.

I was also shit tired of initiating sex. You never just Swingers Personals in Calexico me, have your way with me. It's like you just don't desire me. I want you to want to ravage me and be inside me the way I yearn for it. I guess you just don't want it that bad, if at all. And then I give you head, half compelled out of guilt and of course its good and of course you get off but in my head, I think "wow, he feels like a client again.

I don't really want this. I'm doing this like I would brush my teeth or hang clean clothers. This is familiar-it's pay to play mode". I don't want to feel like a hooker with you but I do and that's not pretty. I only made you finger me because I was stuck in jersey for the night, mad and emotionally disconnected. The latter is when I always want to fuck. Makes the discomfort go away. But then, while I am still bitter and full of vitriol you look at me.

In the dark, you look at me and I crumble. Rationally I know that is mere post-orgasm look and I've given that look to many that I would rather not be in the same vicinity as, but your body enjoys what your heart will not. I know all this, yet they way you looked, the softness, the adoration.

The fucking love.

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For a split second there you stared at me as though you might love me. And I died right then and there because that is all I've ever wanted from you in the last year and a half.

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That look that I may or may not have warranted that first week we were together, when I wasn't hurt and jaded and fucked over and I thought. I knew in my gut that we would be something so amazing and special together. I wanted to live with you, cook for you, fucking be miss wifey.

I wanted with you something I have never wanted independently with anyone else. And it never happened. And you never loved me. And I might've cried over you over the year just as much as I cried for mike all these years with far less valid reason. You hurt me so bad. So bad.

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You made me feel so fucking disposable. Which I was fine with, until you gave me that look and now it's burned in my memory and it won't go away. I can't stop thinking about you and how much I love you and how hopeless this all is. Why did I do this to myself? I was over you. As much as I could be, anyway. Why did I initiate contact? Why did I think sex with you was a good idea and I wouldn't care past a certain point?

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I'm crazy about you and more than anything else, I just want to tell you this but I know it'll bite me in the ass. You still didn't want me there in the morning. You still don't trust me; don't care enough to and rely on me for support if for nothing else.

You'll never love me and you are 5 in a much longer line of men that I would've sold me soul to have my feelings reciprocated. I thought I had changed. That things had changed but apparently not.

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I only love men that make me heart shrivel like a raisin, singe and burn till all the soft tissue is hardened and charred. In an ideal world, you move to nyc, embrace my life as I have yours. We wake in each other's arms. You touch my face and tell me you love me. Tell me I'm beautiful and mean it.

Swingers Personals in Calexico

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