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I was nervous, excited and wondered if I made the right decision. My confidence started to boost from the moment I walked in the door. Love and Rachel made me feel amazing!

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I could literally go on forever about how amazing this experience was and how it's so incredibly worth each and every penny. Whenever I start to feel down about myself I take a peek at my photos and get an instant confident boost. I'm forever grateful I took the leap to do the session and even more grateful for Love and her team.

I'm a feminist, a mom, and an all-around quirky gal.

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I used to think I was as sexy as a wet Pomeranian in my daily life. I Sexy Akron women look in the mirror and think, eh, I'm "settle cute". Then one day, when I was fucking fed-up with how mean I was to myself, I curled my hair, set up my camera, and decided to put my money where my mouth was. I finally took those self portraits I kept putting off.

When I saw my images, I was amazed! I was transformed from meh to hell yeah! That session really helped me open my eyes to the woman that I am. The woman I couldn't see because of social standards, bad mirror angles and self-doubt. Now, I walk past my images hanging in my partner's closet, and I give that woman a salute. Because she's living her best life. And that's what I want to do for every woman.

Plus, we get to say a big "Fuck You" to beauty standards, and redefine what sexy really is.

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Sexy is so much more than a outfit you put on, or a good hair day. It's not a specific size or shape. Sexy is a state of mind. Sexy can be found in stilettos and in sweat pants. And that's what these sessions are for, to help you find your sexy. To shake you up a little bit, to get you out of your comfort zone and to reveal a side of you that you may have thought long dead.

Sexy is powerful. Sexy is loving yourself just the way you are. It is important to me to show my clients exactly how stunning they truly are. I promise you're going to have a hard time not showing everyone your pictures when she is done with you! This experience truly is everything you never knew you needed in your relationship! Thank you! Your message has been sent. We'll contact you shortly. Akron Boudoir Photography 1 in Northeast Ohio. We value privacy, all images are used with explicit permission. A Gallery. Read below Sexy Akron women our past clients have to say. Send me a note, I'm really friendly!

Set Up a Phone Consultation. Please take a moment to fill out the Phone Consultation form on this to ensure we have a time that will work best for the both of us. We can go over any of the questions you may have for a potential boudoir session. Consults take about 20 minutes.

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Once you schedule your phone consultation, you can expect a phone call fromthat's us! Can't get enough?

Sexy Akron women

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