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A journal article led by University of Ottawa sex researcher Jocelyn Wentland says young women, especially those with sexual experience, are best at identifying popular terms for the casual sex scenarios increasingly common to millennials.

An online questionnaire, shared mostly via social media, asked participants about their personal sexual experience, and whether they could pick the correct definition for four terms: One night stand, booty call, f—k buddy and friends with benefits.

Overall, more than 81 per cent of participants got the definitions for each phrase right, and the rate of success was higher for those who had had sex. But women performed better across the board, getting it right 96, 92, 81, and 86 per cent of the time, respectively.

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Men, on the other hand, scored 92, 84, 71, and 75 per cent on the survey. A booty call often involves a late-night drunken text message or phone call that le to sex between people who do know each other. Men were more likely to mix up the two terms, with 19 per cent picking the description for f—k buddy when asked about the friends with benefits relationship.

She says her motivation for the studies came from the unreliable terminology being used by others in her field.

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Front-line medical workers asking patients about their sexual activities should also be familiar with the terms so they can provide the best possible health care recommendations, she says. Much of that has to do with people now waiting longer to get married and instead concentrating on education and careers, Wentland says.

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Ottawa sex night

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Young people know all about casual sex, even if they aren't having it: study