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Years ago I wrote a series about a day in the life of The Happy Housewife. It is still one of the most popular series on my site, over 10 years later! Personally, I think people are curious to see how others live and manage their time.

I love learning how other people organize their days. Now that my kids are all Normal house wife older, my schedule has changed quite a bit. My youngest child is 11 and five children live at home. My kids are enrolled in Virtual School now which means they have teachers online who do the bulk of the teaching. I still help Cora, but my older two girls are on their own.

My kids are all involved in extra-curricular activities in the evenings, so dinner looks different every night. In a nutshell this is what an average day looked like when my kids were all at home and ages Thanks to everyone who has commented on this series. You are all an encouragement to me! This post is what many of you have been waiting for, my schedule or daily routine. I am not a morning person.

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I also end up getting really tired in the afternoon when I wake up that early. If I sleep until — I am able to make it through the day without feeling tired. Over the past several years I have developed habits that help me wake up earlier and feel less tired throughout the day. It is possible to wake up earlier with some simple modifications to your routine. To save time and brain power I eat the same Normal house wife every single day. When my children were young, we had hot breakfasts most mornings and I doubled the recipe so the kids could reheat breakfast on their own later in the week.

We homeschooled exclusively for 15 years. It was always my goal to have the kids nearly self-sufficient in their learning by middle school. This freed up my time to focus on the younger children. When my kids were little I made lunch for everyone. Now that they are older they have to fend for themselves. I typically buy bagged sal for myself and the kids eat whatever is available. Everyone in my family has chores. The only way you get out of doing chores is if you have a cast. Which strangely seems to happen a lot around here, lol.

Some chores rotate, while other chores are done by the same kids on certain days. You can about how I manage chores here. I try to make the most of my free time.

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Typically I have list in my head of things that need to get done and work in order of priority. Since my kids are having free time too, I rarely have interruptions. When my children were exclusively homeschooled I planned for the next week on Fridays. As for grading papers and checking work I try to do it as we go, occasionally I get behind and will spend an evening catching up.

Meal planning has probably changed the most since my kids were little. When they were young, I would plan my meals for 30 days at a time. Last year I completely changed how I grocery shopped.

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It ended up being a good thing because I never ran out of certain supplies during the spring of My new shopping method saves time and money, you can learn more about my grocery saving strategies here. I realize this is not possible for many families who take their kids to therapy, school, activities or other appointments.

However I do not run errands throughout the week. I am Normal house wife to accomplish a lot at home because I am not in and out of the Normal house wife. If I do have to go out, I combine all my errands. It is not uncommon for me to go a month or more without going anywhere but my kids activities, the grocery store, and school.

I use to never watch TV or movies. Once my boys got older, I started watching sports on television with my boys. It was a way we could spend time together without my teen boys feeling like I was conducting an FBI investigation. Having my evenings or mornings free from tv allows me to catch up on reading, or work on other projects after the kids go to bed.

Saturday morning we all clean the house. On a good day we can clean the house from top to bottom in under two hours. If we have plans for a family outing on Saturday we clean on Friday night. Everyone has ased jobs and we all work together.

Because we keep the house picked up throughout the week our house is never super dirty, so our weekly cleanings take very little time. When I wrote this post initially, I would pull a light night work session once a week. Still, every once in a while I stay up late to finish a project. It might be work, it might be something around the house.

It just depends on what needs to be done. The less stuff I own, the easier it is to maintain it. De-cluttering is a constant battle I fight in my home. I pay bills online so I have less mail to deal with. We have no debt so we have fewer bills.

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Fewer nic-nacs mean less things to dust. Less furniture makes it easier to vacuum. If a toy is not played with frequently it takes a trip to Goodwill. If we have somewhere to go in the morning, clothes are laid out the night before. The diaper bag is Normal house wife packed and ready to go. Library books are stored in one spot. Creating systems like these allow everyone to help out and make it easy for me to stay organized. As I said before, I am not an expert, these ideas work for our family, they might not work for yours.

In your schedule above I only see 5. Not at night — I am generally too tired after 8 pm to get back to my desk. It gives us an idea on how to manage time and do your work on time n tidy. This is very interesting indeed. I love that you plan your meals 30 days in advance. One question: where do you find time to blog and to do all of the bloggy-related things read other blogs, comment on blogs, work with PR companies, do reviews, twitter, etc. We have a pretty full schedule around here with five children and another on the way. We threw away our television when our second oldest was born, seven years ago, and my husband and I both agree that this was a great decision for our family.

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Not only is it not missed, but we have so much more time to do projects, read, and spend time together as a family. Wow,you are amazing! I hope to be this organized and scheduled someday. Now that we have a baby I know the need for scheduling time to be able to get it all done.

Your blog is a great help to me for ideas,thanks for writing! Genius, pure genius. Loving your blog. Monique- Thanks for the suggestion. We also move every 2 years so living with less is sometimes easier. If I had an attic, or stayed in one spot for longer I would probably do more toy rotation.

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You are amazing! I can see how having more kids to help would make cleaning much faster. Thank you for sharing what works for your family. We rotate our toys. I use a large bed in a bag to store them in. I change out the toys about every 6 weeks. And what they outgrow I store for the next one. I struggle to get up early enough for exercise and quiet time and shower before my littles wake up. Something has to go… or change. But, back to my question… do you have a time set aside to exercise? I just found your blog and I appreciate your insight. Have I ever told you you are my hero?

Our 4 older and I are able to thouroughly clean and de clutter our 5 bedroom square foot home in just under 3 hours.

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You are not human. I have planned out a similar schedule about a bazillion times but I never stick with it. Hey there. Well, actually I have. What a great post. I figure if God can work in order. I admire military wives so much. How you do it with your husband gone amazes me. That must be so tough. OH I am just loving this series! We have a very loose schedule, but I am now seeing a zillion ways to tweak it and get more done! Your schedule is very similar to the one I have in my head, not necessarily the one that we actually employ on a daily basis.

Since baby seven arrived last Sept. Our two year old twins and their four year old sister seem to monopolize so much of my time that most school stuff gets relegated to nap time after lunch, which ends up running into free time and dinner prep time. Our three homeschooling age guys 6yr, 8yr, and 9yr are rushed along and getting stressed out. I love what you said about waking up early. I can totally relate to that one. I have friends who wake up super early to get their exercise and shower done before the kids are up. As I finished looking at your schedule I realised there was no TV in there and while I was wondering if you watched, you answered it for me.

I realise TV cuts into the time I could spend doing other things but I watch it anyway. I really admire your dedication. Homeschooling and being a stay at Normal house wife mom is something I might like to do someday, but I know it takes diligence. It could be very tempting to sit around and do not much of anything!

Normal house wife

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