Nice lonely women

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Being a good girl in a rough dating world can be seriously tough.

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Here are a few reasons why love seems to have such a hard time finding the girls out there who are truly made of wife material:. They forget to put themselves first. What happens as a result is that they allow themselves to be walked all over. They attract the wrong guys. The idea that opposites attract is definitely true here. For some reason, the manipulative, shady type of men always go for the caring, selfless type of women.

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They get clingy. They just tend to pour their heart and soul into the people they care about, and if they end up with a guy who really needs his space, it can come off the wrong way.

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These girls have a lot of love to give, and when they find someone to give it to, it can be a little overwhelming. They invest too much in the people they date. When you date a truly nice woman, she makes you her whole world. In the process, though, she runs the risk of losing herself.

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They get attached too quickly. When nice girls fall, they fall HARD. They only see the good in people.

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Even if a guy is royally messed up, women with big hearts can only see the way he loves dogs or brought flowers to her work. They have the same expectations for guys that they have for themselves. You immediately connect with an awesome coach via text or over the phone in minutes.

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Nice lonely women

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