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It fuels Themyscira and her Amazons.

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Imperator Furiosa and Mad Max both have it. Johnny Cash had it, same with Prince and David Bowie. What began as a joke inspired by the death of one of the premiere possessors of BDE has since sparked an all-consuming cultural urge to determine who possesses it and who is lacking — as well as the urge to define it, which raises some trickier questions.

What is BDE? Does one need colossal male genitalia to possess it? How do we spot it?

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How does one obtain it? And why would one want to? No doubt, the concept of BDE and the discussion it ignites are entertaining — but beneath the initial jolt of faux-erotic titillation and scandal is a bigger conversation about how we talk about masculinity and admiration. A warning to those with delicate sensibilities: This piece includes some colorful descriptions of male junk.

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Bourdain had pure grit coursing through his veins, and the courage to try to change the way we look at the world. And when he died, Twitter user imbobswaget coined the term Big Dick Energy to eulogize him:.

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David wrote for The Cut. BDE is not about brandishing large, flapping genitalia when someone insults you, or constantly proving to people that you possess a BD. BDE is the complete opposite. Any suspicion of tryhard vibes kills BDE, as does the kind of cockiness that speaks of insecurity: the true BDE-haver is respectful to those around them, but with swagger.

Someone with BDE will never text an unsolicited dick pic, because it would simply never occur to them. Pine maybe has BDE. Needless to say, any hint of misogyny destroys BDE. That is why the inverse and the spawn of BDE is toxic masculinity.

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Toxic masculinity is an unsuccessful attempt to mimic BDE, and then furious resentment when that mimicry becomes impossible. It is the belief that you are owed the kind of easy confidence that comes with BDE, and then a desire to destroy the world that has not granted it to you. Joking about big dick energy does not reinforce systemic sexism. What it does do is reinforce a system of masculinity that eventually le to toxic masculinity. BDE as a quality has nothing to do with actual dicks and is valuable regardless of the actual genitalia of its possessor, but our collective cultural impulse is to link it rhetorically to penis size.

The dick part of BDE is just a metaphor, but that metaphor is not value-neutral.

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On the other hand: As far as reinforcing the gender binary goes, making jokes about which celebrities have big dick energy is a pretty harmless and entertaining pastime, and here in the dark days of we need all of that we can get. And labels aside, BDE is all about celebrating a masculine-coding energy that is constructive rather than toxic, and respectful rather than violent. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower through understanding.

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Need a big dick right now

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What Is Big Dick Energy? For Starters, You Don't Need a Big Dick to Have It