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The actions and trends that drive charitable donations are always changing. Picture this: you walk into a five-star hotel and step off the plush carpet and lay down on an overstuffed comforter when you see a handwritten note thanking you by name for choosing this hotel. Within the first minute of your stay, you feel at home and welcomed.

What made the biggest impact on your first impression of that hotel? You expect high-quality bedding and a beautiful room, but knowing that someone took the time to welcome you personally—that makes a lasting impact.

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There are many best practices that can set up your nonprofit for success, but within your engaging impact stories, simplified donation form, and thorough communication planthere are a few subtle changes that could encourage more donors to make a donation. To help people see their donation as a minor gift as opposed to a major sacrifice.

Intellectually, we know the fee is the same amount of money, but the second phrase makes the fee sound even more reasonable. Make sure that potential donors know how much your organization values every donation—no matter the amount.

Pro Tip: Make sure that the donation amount you refer to would be considered small by your target audience. However, when you go into a store and make a purchase, you immediately walk away holding that object in your hands, so the gratification is instant.

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When you donate to a charitable cause, the return is less immediate and concrete. When consumers know they will be rewarded immediately, they will be anxious to buy your products.

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In fact, a series of studies from the University of Oregon found that neurons in the portion of the brain associated with a feeling of reward and satisfaction start firing when a person chose to make a donation. Emphasize that donors can take action right now. Make sure to follow through on the need for instant gratification by delivering, at the least, a thank you for the donation as well as evidence of the impact the donation will make.

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That way the donor not only gets a special message, but they also get the assurance that their gift will be an immediate help to your cause. This tradition still lives on today, albeit with a little more subtlety. The expert endorsement has stood the test of time is because no matter the product being promoted, when a potential buyer sees an authority figure give their support, they are inherently more trusting.

It may not be the right fit for every organization, but if your programs involve specially trained people doctors, scientists, engineers etc. Another simple way to earn trust is by having a seamless online donation experience.

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To learn more about donor behavior and motivations, download the full report below:. Remember the example we talked about earlier? The problem is that it can feel creepy when businesses use our name in their communications. You immediately know someone is trying to market to you—and you file the message as spam.

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Inresearcher Ellen Langer ran an experiment asking people waiting for a copy machine if they would allow the researcher to go first. May I use the Xerox machine? Ultimately, you will need to incorporate these power words in ways that complement the appeal. Keep these simple, yet effective, words in mind when writing your next CTA and you might engage more supporters and earn more donations. Get the latest fundraising tips, trends, and ideas in your inbox. FundraisingMarketing. Reading Time: 6 minutes The actions and trends that drive charitable donations are always changing.

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Increase Charitable Donations With These 5 Words