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Emma Greenbury had spent less than a month in her new home when it occurred to her that she had never experienced harassment on the streets of Dublin. Accustomed to incessant catcalls when walking through BrisbaneGreenbury had learned to keep her eyes on the pavement and block out the crude, sexually charged remarks men of all ages would shout as she made her way to work.

Even my year-old mother gets harassed on the street daily. But men in Ireland treat women with such respect.

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Greenbury spent the first two decades of her life in the residential suburb of Redcliffe on the outskirts of Brisbane. As she never thought about travelling abroad and only left the state of Queensland for the first time when she was It was only when my boyfriend decided to move to Amsterdam that I began thinking about going overseas. Greenbury moved out of home when she was 17 but stayed in Brisbane where she studied a degree in creative industries. The people who live there never leave and I wanted to go into the city. After a couple of trips to Bali in her early 20s, Greenbury began to consider travelling further away from Australia.

People also get defensive when you leave Australia. When she was 22, Greenbury met her boyfriend Dan and the couple went Ireland man for Ireland women around South America. After the trip she found a job in Brisbane as the editor of an online publication for overs. She loved her work but was itching to leave Australia again and jumped at the opportunity to spend a week in Ireland when approached by a travel agency looking for writers. Greenbury returned home to her boyfriend with her mind made up.

They were moving to Ireland. In September the couple arrived in Dublin and began the process of setting up a new life. In Australia they get Ireland man for Ireland women done quickly. I could not bear the glacial pace Irish people do everything at. It took me so long to get a job and a bank. I just felt like I was waiting for life to start. Greenbury eventually found a job as an editor and writer for the online student website College Times.

She enjoys working with Irish colleagues who she says are more relaxed and not as competitive as co-workers back home, but has struggled to make friends outside the office. They have their own friends and people go home to their mammies on the weekend. Despite her struggle to make friends, Greenbury says Irish people are very welcoming to outsiders. The culture of racism which she has witnessed in Australia is practically non-existent in Ireland, she adds. I find the abortion debate here so empowering. I saw so many men at the repeal the 8th rally and I thought wow, I wish Australian men could take more notice of issues that are affecting the women in their lives.

With its free healthcare, job opportunities and sunny climate, Greenbury understands why so many Irish people have chosen to relocate to Australia. However, she gets frustrated when people question her decision to move in the other direction.

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Ireland man for Ireland women

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