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Support Local Journalism. Riverfront Times Press Club. May 09, News ยป Feature. The county prosecutor, its intended target, lived next door. Later, a year-old man who once worked for Green's father recounts how he shot and killed a fellow with a. The boys at a local package-liquor store brag about smuggling machine guns over the state line. They're not lying so much as telling Hot chatting wifes nude in Memphis what he wants to hear.

He revels in the old stories most residents would prefer to forget, tales of bygone days when Caruthersville was the capital of vice in the Missouri Bootheel, times when bootlegging, prostitution and illegal-gambling interests controlled Pemiscot County. It was not so long ago, really. The Climax bar and the Seawall whorehouse have been razed.

But other haunts remain: the shady businesses, the former sites of murder and mayhem. Though he left here decades ago, no one knows these places better than Green. When he returns, as he often does, respectable members of the community -- the elder lawyer, the current circuit judge, the retired newspaper publisher -- shun him.

His mere presence stirs apprehension, if not fear. Rumors shadow him: Green is a drug trafficker in Florida. Green is an FBI informant. Green is a Mafia associate. They'll tell you I belong to the mob. They'll tell you I work for the federal government. They don't know. Reviled by many and trusted by few, he trades in uncertainty as if his life depends on it.

For more than 20 years now, Green has maintained that he has knowledge of the plot to murder the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He testified behind closed doors before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in ; the testimony has been sealed by law until Inhe told his story to Dexter King, son of the slain civil-rights leader, in a private meeting. The next time Green set out to tell this story, he ended up in jail. Sheriff's Department narcotics unit. Green had ostensibly come under suspicion because police were investigating whether a methamphetamine lab was being run at the hotel where he had spent the night.

The narcotics squad found no drugs, but Green was held in police custody for three days before he was released.

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Because of the arrest, Green missed a scheduled interview with Dan Rather for 48 Hours. The news program, which preceded the 30th anniversary of the assassination, focused renewed attention -- based on theories promulgated by the late James Earl Ray's last attorney, William F. Pepper -- on a possible conspiracy to kill King. At the time, Pepper was peddling his own conspiracy theory, based on the claims of Loyd Jowers, former owner of Jim's Grill, who said he had paid a Memphis police officer to kill King at the behest of a local mob figure.

Rather dismissed Green's involvement in one sentence, telling viewers that Green's prison record showed him to have been in custody on the day of the assassination. But Green says that his prison record is wrong and that his arrest and subsequent discrediting are part of a continuing government disinformation campaign promoting the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's "lone gunman" theory. Claims by Green that he possesses what may have been the murder weapon and one of the getaway vehicles make his assertions seem all the more preposterous.

Prosecutors from the Memphis district attorney's office to the U. Justice Department label him a convicted felon and an unreliable source. Yet there are untold elements that lend some credibility to Green's far-fetched story. Despite his criminal record, Green has served as a local law-enforcement official and a federal undercover agent for years. Police officers and sheriffs have provided him with reference letters. More telling are Green's FBI files, which provide a partial chronicle of his life over the last 35 years and corroborate many details of his.

The motel once served as a location for illicit high-stakes poker games. It no longer holds that cachet. The room smells of mildew and cigarette smoke. Outside, a rusty window-unit air conditioner sits beside the door. Other household debris litters the parking lot. I've got a place in Colorado," he says. I got several IDs I can use that I've had for years that they don't know about -- Social Security cards, voting cards, everything. And they're legal; they're not fake. I know how to do it. It's the oldest trick in the book, how to disappear. Of his three tattoos, two are of the jailhouse variety -- a dove on one arm, a hawk on the other.

The third has "Jim" inscribed above a crudely etched dagger piercing Hot chatting wifes nude in Memphis heart. A half-empty fifth of Gilbey's gin sits on one corner of the table, near a bottle of prescription painkillers. Green, 54, continues fantasizing about changing his name, changing his life, starting anew.

Too much work. Acid and sanding. You have to go to a doctor in South America to get it done. I ain't going through that. I done lived too long, anyway. That's the reason I sleep with that. Green's tale begins in the fall ofwhen he moved to St. Louis with his first wife and their infant son. Green worked downtown at International Shoe. When he turned 18 in Januaryhe dutifully registered for the draft, listing his home address as Victor Ave. But with his marriage in trouble, he took off for Caruthersville in March.

The next month, he and a friend hit the road in a Ford Fairlane and ended up in Laredo, Texas. After crossing the border, they bought bus tickets to Mexico City. Once they reached the capital, they got a room at the Bonampak Hotel. According to the official FBIthe two young men ran out of money after going on a spree, then asked the U.

Embassy to pay their fare home. The embassy denied the request and advised them to call their parents. They were considered armed and dangerous. After being spurned at the U. Embassy, the two decided to see whether they'd get a better reception at the Soviet Embassy, according to FBI records.

Green remembers it differently. He claims that he met a CIA contact, a Mexican lawyer, at the border. His contact, he says, arranged for the sale of his car and directed him to meet a man at the Monterrey Hot chatting wifes nude in Memphis station who would provide further instructions and travel money. Once directed to the hotel in Mexico City, Green called a at the U. One aspect of the saga is undisputed. On their second visit, they formally defected to the Soviet Union. When the pair left the embassy, they were promptly arrested by the Mexican secret police and jailed.

On April 21,Mexican authorities deported the two young men. The case generated a flurry of secret cables. FBI field offices in St. Louis and San Antonio were alerted after urgent messages were dispatched from the U. At headquarters, the attempted defection was discussed in internal memos among high-ranking bureau officials. The internal security, domestic-intelligence and espionage sections were all apprised of the situation.

Portions of this correspondence have been redacted for national-security reasons. Two of the internal memos are completely blacked out. Ultimately, after an agent interviewed Green in Septemberthe FBI director's office concluded that Green's "Mexican escapade [was] obviously a youthful prank" and expressed no further interest in pursuing the case. In November, he got drunk with some of his Army buddies and drove in a stolen car to St. Louis, where he was arrested.

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He was convicted of car theft in Oregon County, Mo. Green was transferred to the Algoa Correctional Center, also in Jefferson City, and, later, to a medium-security prison in Moberly. During at least part of his incarceration, Department of Corrections records indicate that Green worked as an undercover operative for a deputy sheriff in Oregon County. But Green doesn't recall doing that. He was released in late August and immediately d his criminal activities.

At Moberly, Green served time with Moe Mahanna, a Gaslight Square club owner who was doing six years on a manslaughter rap for beating an Indiana tourist to death outside his bar, the Living Room. Being locked up with Mahanna opened doors for Green when he got out, helping him gain acceptance among a cast of St. He was an ex-con. He had a network of mob contacts.

At 6-foot-1 and pounds, Green could be at once arrogant, rebellious and physically intimidating. But his immaturity also made him pliable. Louis' criminal syndicate could use a man like Green. The nightclub had a reputation for being a hangout of felons and other notorious characters. As early asShoulders himself had been subpoenaed by the Senate Rackets Committee.

He later took over Laborers Local 42, and, bywith the Vietnam War raging, he had gained control over hundreds of jobs at the Gateway Army Ammunition plant, a project plagued by millions of dollars in cost overruns.

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The man, known by Green only as "Paul," had been introduced to him earlier at a downtown pool hall by Collier. Green says Paul was then in his mid- to late 30s, about 5-foot, with a dark complexion. He wore a suit with an open-collared shirt and no tie, spoke with a Northeastern accent and had red hair. Paul, Green says, appeared to be acquainted with the management at the go-go club and seemed to be talking business with several people at the bar.

The meeting, Green says, was not a chance encounter. It had been set up by Lee J. Jaybird had been contacted by Wortman, who controlled organized crime in East St.

Hot chatting wifes nude in Memphis

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