Hairy women turn me on

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Several months later I knelt awkwardly on the cold floor of my shared uni shower and contemplated my options. Shave everything or face the fact that no one would ever touch me. I wonder how many young girls feel like I did. Actresses and models in recent years have received hate and even rape threats for baring a hairy leg in public. We see hairless female bodies in ancient Rome, the Renaissance, and all the way up to the modern day. But why? Does the whole of history really agree that women are somehow more beautiful when they shave? You see, men have been shaving their body hair for just as long.

In fact, evolution started it: home sapiens are ificantly less hairy than our close relatives the chimpanzees. Well, like everything in evolution it has to be rooted in survival, sexual attraction, or both. Because of this, the discovery of clothing would have changed several things for early humans.

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My theory is that body hair removal started because it gave us a survival edge. Human bodies are made for endurance, and less hair with more sweat glands prevented overheating while hunting food. Did you know that vagina wigs are a thing? Called merkinsthey are said to originate in the s.

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Women would shave to combat pubic lice and then wear a merkin. This suggests that body hair was in some ways, still desirable. Body hair even had a big moment as recently as the late s, but then the s struck and female body hair became taboo.

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Why is this an issue? Well, I believe that body hair has become yet another way to control and punish women for their sexuality in the Western world. Christianity, one of the main religions in the West, promotes the ideal woman as a soft-spoken, young virgin.

What do children not have? Lots of body hair. The obsession with virginity also means that sex-positive women are looked down on by society. Body hair is a al of sexual maturity, a reminder than women want sex too. We live in an age where birth control and condoms have lowered the risk of pregnancy and STDs. The risk of giving in to our desires is relatively low, but society still acts like a one night stand Hairy women turn me on ruin our future; sex still makes men studs and women sluts, and that has to change. And if we hate shaving, we should be allowed to proudly display our hairy armpits.

Body hair should be an optional badge of womanhood, of sexual maturity, of our right to own our own bodies and control our desires. If we accept the shame that society projects on us, then we are telling young women that men are allowed to demand control of their appearance. I love my hairy legs because I want to love them. They make me feel like a woman. A sexy, confident woman miles away from the scared girl that thought no one would love her for who she was.

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Hairy women turn me on

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