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It also has a slightly larger than average population density. The population is generally diverse and consists of almost an equal of male and females.

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The population living in Wakita are various races and very from time to time. The percentage of young adults, adults, middle aged, and seniors in this area are slightly smaller than average, slightly larger than average, slightly middle range than average, and smaller, respectively. The percentage of healthy children under 18 living in the Wakita ZIP code is slightly larger than average compared to other areas of the country and le to better school attendance. While a large population of renters exists in Oklahoma, the majority of household are owned or with a mortgage.

Among all households, Wakita has a small percentage of vacancies and very little abandoned properties. The Census also indicates that there are one or more correctional facilities and nursing homes nearby. The senior population is growing at a faster than normal rate. Cities within 25 miles from Wakita, Oklahoma. Bluff City. Pond Creek.

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Deer Creek. Gentle Breeze 2.

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